1Bukidnon State UniversityBukidnon
2Bukidnon State University-AlubijidMisamis Oriental
3Bukidnon State University-BaungonBukidnon
4Bukidnon State University-CabanglasanBukidnon
5Bukidnon State University-DamulogBukidnon
6Bukidnon State University-ImpasugongBukidnon
7Bukidnon State University-KadingilanBukidnon
8Bukidnon State University-KalilanganBukidnon
9Bukidnon State University-KitaotaoBukidnon
10Bukidnon State University-LibonaBukidnon
11Bukidnon State University-MalitbogBukidnon
12Bukidnon State University-MedinaMisamis Oriental
13Bukidnon State University-QuezonBukidnon
14Bukidnon State University-San FernandoBukidnon
15Bukidnon State University-SugbongcogonMisamis Oriental
16Bukidnon State University-TalakagBukidnon
17Bukidnon State University-TalisayanMisamis Oriental
18Camiguin Polytechnic State CollegeCamiguin
19Central Mindanao UniversityBukidnon
20Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of TechnologyIligan City
21Mindanao State University-Lanao del Norte Agricultural CollegeLanao del Norte
22Mindanao State University-Maigo School of Arts and TradesLanao del Norte
23Mindanao State University-NaawanMisamis Oriental
24Northern Bukidnon State CollegeBukidnon
25Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and TechnologyTangub City
26University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-AlubijidMisamis Oriental
27University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-BalubalCagayan de Oro City
28University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-Cagayan de Oro CityCagayan de Oro City
29University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-ClaveriaMisamis Oriental
30University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-Jasaan CampusMisamis Oriental
31University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-Oroquieta CampusMisamis Occidental
32University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-Panaon CampusMisamis Occidental
33University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines-Villanueva CampusMisamis Oriental
These are the 33 State Universities and Colleges in Region X.


1City College of El SalvadorMisamis Oriental
2Community College of Gingoog CityGingoog City
3Don Carlos Polytechnic CollegeBukidnon
4Gov. Alfonso D. Tan CollegeTangub City
5Initao CollegeMisamis Oriental
6Magsaysay CollegeMisamis Oriental
7Opol Community CollegeMisamis Oriental
8Pangantucan Bukidnon Community CollegeBukidnon
9Salay Community CollegeMisamis Oriental
10Tagoloan Community CollegeMisamis Oriental
11Tubod CollegeLanao del Norte
These are the 11 local universities and colleges in Region X.


1ACLC College of Bukidnon, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
2Adventist Medical Center CollegePrivate SectarianIligan City
3Adventist Technological InstitutePrivate Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
4Blessed Mother CollegePrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
5Cagayan de Oro CollegePrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
6Capitol UniversityPrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
7Christ the King CollegePrivate SectarianGingoog City
8Christ the King College de Maranding, Inc.Private SectarianLanao del Norte
9Colegio de Sto. Niño de JasaanPrivate Non-SectarianMisamis Oriental
10Dr. Solomon U. Molina College, Inc.Private Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
11Fatima College of CamiguinPrivate SectarianCamiguin
12Gingoog Christian CollegePrivate SectarianGingoog City
13Gingoog City Colleges, Inc.Private Non-SectarianGingoog City
14Golden Heritage Polytechnic CollegePrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
15IBA College of Mindanao, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
16Iligan Capitol CollegePrivate Non-SectarianIligan City
17Iligan Medical Center CollegePrivate Non-SectarianIligan City
18La Salle UniversityPrivate SectarianOzamiz City
19Lanao School of Science and Technology, Inc.Private Non-SectarianLanao del Norte
20Liceo de Cagayan UniversityPrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
21Lourdes CollegePrivate SectarianCagayan de Oro City
22Lyceum of Iligan FoundationPrivate Non-SectarianIligan City
23Masters Technological Institute of MindanaoPrivate Non-SectarianIligan City
24Medina CollegePrivate Non-SectarianOzamiz City
25Medina Foundation CollegePrivate Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
26Mindanao Arts of Technological InstitutePrivate Non-SectarianBukidnon
27Misamis Institute of Technology (Galileo)Private Non-SectarianOzamiz City
28Misamis Institute of Technology (Rene)Private Non-SectarianOzamiz City
29Misamis Oriental Institute of Science and TechnologyPrivate Non-SectarianMisamis Oriental
30Misamis UniversityPrivate Non-SectarianOzamiz City
31Misamis University-Oroquieta CityPrivate Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
32Mountain View CollegePrivate SectarianBukidnon
33North Central Mindanao CollegePrivate Non-SectarianLanao del Norte
34Northwestern Mindanao Christian Colleges, Inc.Private Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
35Northwestern Mindanao Institute of TechnologyPrivate Non-SectarianOzamiz City
36Oro Bible CollegePrivate SectarianCagayan de Oro City
37Our Lady of Triumph Institute of Technology, Inc.Private Non-SectarianOzamiz City
38Philippine College Foundation, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
39Philippine Countryville College, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
40Picardal Institute of Science and Technology, Inc.Private Non-SectarianIligan City
41Pilgrim Christian CollegePrivate SectarianCagayan de Oro City
42Quezon Institute of Technology, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
43Roman C. Villalon Memorial College Foundation, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
44Sacred Heart College of Calamba, Inc.Private Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
45San Agustin Institute of TechnologyPrivate SectarianBukidnon
46San Isidro CollegePrivate SectarianBukidnon
47Santa Monica Institute of TechnologyPrivate Non-SectarianIligan City
48Southern Bukidnon Foundation AcademyPrivate Non-SectarianBukidnon
49Southern Capital CollegesPrivate Non-SectarianMisamis Occidental
50Southern de Oro Philippines CollegePrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
51Southern Maramag CollegesPrivate Non-SectarianBukidnon
52St. John Vianney Theological SeminaryPrivate SectarianCagayan de Oro City
53St. Michael's CollegePrivate SectarianIligan City
54St. Peter's College Private Non-SectarianIligan City
55St. Peter's College of Misamis Oriental, Inc.Private Non-SectarianMisamis Oriental
56St. Rita's College of BalingasagPrivate SectarianMisamis Oriental
57Stella Maris CollegePrivate SectarianMisamis Occidental
58STI College-Cagayan de OroPrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
59STI College-IliganPrivate Non-SectarianIligan City
60STI College-MalaybalayPrivate Non-SectarianBukidnon
61STI College-ValenciaPrivate Non-SectarianBukidnon
62The New El Salvador Colleges, Inc.Private Non-SectarianMisamis Oriental
63Valencia Colleges, Inc.Private Non-SectarianBukidnon
64Vineyard International Polytechnic CollegePrivate Non-SectarianCagayan de Oro City
65Xavier UniversityPrivate SectarianCagayan de Oro City
These are the 65 private higher education institutions in Region X.