Pedagogy of Care: Care before Content

In the midst of the pandemic and changes in educational landscape, the need to care more before content is pressing. Thus, implementation of Pedagogy of Care helps a lot to both learners and educators in their instructional delivery and through innovative programs. Five questions are answered in the poster which hopes to enshrine this innovative educational approach.

Entrant’s Name: Kriscentti Exzur P. Barcelona, PhD
Name of School/Organization: Lourdes College, Inc. Cagayan de Oro City
Name of Collaborator(s): Khadijah Said Hashim, PhD
Name of School/Organization of Collaborator: Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

The Effect of ABS-CBN Shutdown on Philippine Mainstream Media Content: A Comparative Analysis Using Natural Language Processing

The ABS-CBN shutdown last May 5, 2020 took a toll in the Philippine media industry. Given this incident, the study intends to determine if significant changes can be detected in the manner that articles were written before and after the ABS-CBN shutdown. Its significance is to determine using natural language processing (NLP) methods if censorship or a sudden event (i.e. a media giant shutdown) can influence the way news is written and published. Articles before and after the shutdown from two primary news sources were chosen, ranging from three months before and after the actual shutdown date. Preprocessing and cleaning were carried out in order to perform sentiment analysis and topic modeling. Results were compared across the two timeframes and across the two sources. Notable shifts in the dominant topics discussed by each source were detected for both timeframes, with topics disappearing and emerging after the shutdown. Furthermore, shifts in sentiment scores were also detected across both sources with evident changes in polarity for some uncovered topics. It is recommended for future work to make the analysis more granular by incorporating page views and to conduct an in-depth content assessment through paragraphs and sentences.

Entrant’s Name: Matthew R. Maulion
Name of School/Organization: University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines CM Recto Avenue, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Region 10, Philippines
Name of Collaborator(s): Adrian Perez
Name of School/Organization of Collaborator: De La Salle University

The World Better Education

The worlds better education for students or children who is lacked of knowledge about education.

Entrant’s Name: Marcel B. Pranza
Name of School/Organization: Misamis University, Ozamis City


Entrant’s Name: Kenneth G. Ellevera
Name of School/Organization: Northern Bukidnon State College